Martin Fuchs and Leone Jei jumped three clear rounds to win the $3 million CPKC International Grand Prix. (c) Spruce Meadows Media/Mark Sturk (CNW Group/CPKC)

CPKC International’s Event at Spruce Meadows Raises Over $90,000 in Support of Heart Health Initiatives in Alberta

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CPKC’s Clear Rounds for Heart, a part of the CPKC Has Heart community investment program, is making significant contributions to support heart health initiatives across North America. For each clear round jumped, including those with time faults, CPKC donates $10,000. Since its launch in 2014, CPKC’s Spruce Meadows program has raised over $2.6 million for heart health research and care.

Martin Fuchs and Leone Jei achieved an impressive feat by jumping three clear rounds, securing victory in the $3 million CPKC International Grand Prix at Spruce Meadows on Sunday.

Keith Creel, CPKC President and CEO, commended Martin Fuchs, Leone Jei, all participating riders, and the dedicated fans at Spruce Meadows for their contributions to the CPKC Has Heart program. He highlighted CPKC’s long-standing collaboration with Spruce Meadows, which supports the essential work conducted by the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta.

Dr. Paul Fedak, Director of the Libin Cardiovascular Institute, expressed gratitude to CPKC for their ongoing support. The proceeds from the event will aid in crucial infrastructure development for the Precision Medicine Initiative. This initiative aims to advance personalized and precise cardiovascular health therapies, leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance healthcare.

During the CPKC International at The Masters, CPKC also extended its support to the Libin Cardiovascular Institute through various CPKC Has Heart activities, such as Interactive Heart Model Building and hands-only CPR.

CPKC, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, is a transnational railway network that connects Canada, the United States, and México. It provides extensive access to major ports and spans approximately 20,000 route miles, serving various markets across North America.

CPKC Has Heart is a dedicated initiative by CPKC that focuses on enhancing heart health in communities across North America through partnerships, sponsorships, activities, and contributions that fund cardiovascular research and patient care. Since its inception in 2014, CPKC Has Heart has raised over $36 million for heart health initiatives.

The Libin Cardiovascular Institute, a joint entity of Alberta Health Services and the University of Calgary, integrates cutting-edge cardiovascular research, top-tier patient care, and education in Southern Alberta, serving a population of approximately two million people. The institute comprises more than 1,500 members, including healthcare professionals, researchers, and trainees, all committed to advancing cardiovascular health.

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