Instacart soars up to 43% in its stock market debut

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Investors have welcomed Instacart with open arms. The shares of the company that sells food products over the Internet and delivers them at home have debuted with a strong rise when it began trading, which reached 43% at its peak. This repeats the success of the microprocessor firm Arm, which debuted last week with a rise of 25% in its first session.

Instacart raised the price band when it saw the strength of demand and Arm’s precedent. And this Monday he set the price at the highest point of that range, at $30 per share. That price implied valuing the company at around $10 billion if the securities pending issuance for executive compensation and other commitments are taken into account. With the initial revaluation, it has exceeded 14,000 million dollars. The price reached a maximum of $42.95, although it later gave up some ground.

The valuation, however, is very far from what it reached during the pandemic: $39 billion in a 2021 financing round in which few shares were issued. The company going public is Maplebear, a San Francisco-based firm founded in 2012 and owner of Instacart, an application that collaborates with more than 1,400 national, regional and local retail brands to facilitate online shopping and delivery services and Picked up at more than 80,000 stores across North America. The company has also diversified its business with advertising on its platform, as it charges for ads or prominent positions on it. That segment is being especially profitable.

The company is growing strongly. Sales channeled through the platform increased from 5,144 million dollars in 2019 to 28,826 million in 2022, an average accumulated annual growth rate of 78%. The company’s revenue itself has increased even faster, from $214 million to $2,551 million between those same years, at a rate of 128% annually. In the first half of this year it had a turnover of 1,475 million dollars, 31% more than in the same period of 2022. It achieved an operating profit of 269 million dollars, compared to losses of 73 million in the first half of last year.

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