‘Mystic River’, a terrible portrait by Clint Eastwood of a corrupt society, and four other suggestions to watch on television today

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La Sexta broadcasts the third episode of the miniseries Doctor Death. For its part, La 2 insists on the series It has written a crime with another marathon of seven installments. DMAX offers a new appointment with the documentary series Spain after the war. Francoism in color. As for cinema, today two films of disparate intentions come together, the terrible social portrait that Clint Eastwood draws in Mystic River and the joyous parody of cinema and detective literature that poses A corpse for dessert.

‘A corpse for dessert’

13.00, Movistar Classics

A Corpse for Desserts, by Robert Moore

Murder by Death. EE UU, 1976 (90 minutos). Director: Robert Moore. Intérpretes: David Niven, Peter Sellers, Maggie Smith, Peter Falk, Truman Capote, James Coco.

Some of the most famous detectives in cinema and literature are invited to their mansion by an eccentric millionaire. Among them are Charlie Chan, Poirot and Sam Spade. All of them are challenged to solve a crime that will be committed that same day. Of course, the parody tone is always present in A corpse for dessert, but the story also offers an accurate reflection on the codes of a genre that forces the viewer to act as a detective himself.

‘Mystic River’

22.00, Hollywood

Mystic River, de Clint Eastwood

United States, 2003 (137 minutes). Director: Clint Eastwood. Starring: Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, Laura Linney, Marcia Gay Harden.

The three friends who star Mystic river They share a secret since childhood; a slab that crushes them and that, without remedy, will reappear, convulsed, 25 years later. They all live in a sick society in which violence, ambition and sordidness are rampant. Clint Eastwood sniffs into the open wounds of that society and draws a terrible and abrasive portrait of the inhumanity of humans. Three actors in a state of grace, especially a sublime Tim Robbins, sustain an immense film that attacks the emotional support of the viewer to shake him and throw him into reality: that reality that one always prefers not to look at.

New marathon of ‘A Murder Wrote’

22.00, La 2

Angala Lansbury in the series Murder Wrote

Angela Lansbury stars in the series A Murder Wrote, of which La 2 broadcasts seven consecutive episodes. In today’s installments, she will investigate, among other cases, the accusation received by a friend of having caused the car accident in which her husband almost died. She will also travel to Ireland, where a police inspector friend has stayed in a hotel where ghosts seem to be seen.

Third episode of ‘Doctor Death’

22.30, The Sixth

Doctor Doom miniseries

The Serie Doctor Death, starring Joshua Jackson, tells the true story of Christopher Duntsch, a prestigious doctor who performed several spinal surgeries that ended in very serious damage or death to his patients. This episode tells how Duntsch tries to get a leave of absence from another hospital in the area after raising suspicions at his current job. Meanwhile, Agents Henderson and Kirby attempt to interview a person who played a crucial role in his upbringing.

Images of Francoism in color

22.30, DMAX

Documentary series Spain after the war.  Franco's regime in color, broadcast in DMAX

The documentary series Spain after the war. Francoism in color offers a portrait of Spanish society during the almost four decades of the dictatorship thanks to modern coloring techniques that have been applied to preserved archival images. The latest digital image processing techniques offer a new perspective on the post-war years in Spain.

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