‘TardeJarl’ or the revolution in the afternoons of Telecinco

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The afternoon revolution on Telecinco began this Monday, they said. With a woman who, after dominating the mornings, would conquer the afternoons. And what happened is something more or less like this. That at five in the afternoon the Ana Rosa Quintana from 30 years ago that she presented appeared Verdict, to which artificial intelligence has allowed a discourse with the things that interest today. The result gave a certain juuyu, with a mouth that was a mix of Mariano Rajoy’s and someone wearing a splint.

Then the Ana Rosa of today has appeared, owner and lady of Later. Dressed in white because it is a color she likes and because those who know say it symbolizes power. She has reviewed the women who have made and been television in Spain. Laura Valenzuela, Pilar Miró, “Loló Rico” (sic), Carmen Sevilla, Lina Morgan, la Campos. She has had some beautiful words for her partner and rival in television time slots. First pinch of the afternoon.

Ana Rosa Quintana assures that she has her dream collaborators and those are Mario Vaquerizo, Alaska, Xavier Sardá, Vicky Martín Berrocal, Angela Rozas (Madame on Instagram). Since this is a free country, no matter how much Nacho Cano is upset, the selection criteria are also free.

Ana Rosa debuted happy and nervous, another “first time.” She announced when starting an interview with Ivana Andrés, captain of the women’s soccer team. The public roared with many of her interventions because she always follows the orders of the councilors and because the woman who lifted the World Cup deserves it. It will be two very long hours until we hear her voice.

In the middle, a very uneven plate of hors d’oeuvres. The first table had embarrassing moments, with a Vaquerizo determined to be the center of attention with supposedly clever one-liners, addressing one of the co-hosts with “listen to me, kid.” The singer of Las Nancys Rubias is a person who doesn’t stop saying things — “incontenencia” instead of incontinence, for example — and then, at the slightest moment, he opens his mouth wide with silent laughter, waiting for the applause brigade.


The program has caught Rubiales in a service area and with a sandwich in his hand, and all designer Martín Berrocal has to say is: “I don’t know how that man is hungry.”

Current affairs tables are a public danger. Because in the list, if one is careless, they include the news of the conviction of a young woman for touching a man’s ass without consent in a nightclub and Alaska only thinks of saying that let’s see what will happen then in the lively discos and Martín Berrocal, with a lively relief, confessing: “I would have liked a touch or something.”

A moment from the first 'Tardear' program.
A moment from the first ‘Tardear’ program.

Perro Sanxe took 46 minutes to come out, when they were talking about a demonstration of people who feel more like an animal than a human being. We must respect, some said, while others encouraged treating this with the help of a good psychiatrist. Thank goodness you can’t talk about politics.

In the background, an image of Madrid and its four towers, which are actually five because it is a VERY Madrid program. Very snackable. They have an ombudsman they call Elovejas, who is a man from Soria with a toothpick in his mouth who says rural words and is, supposedly, a festival of laughter. Mr. Sheep said as soon as he came out: “Besaos, don’t worry, someone will report us.” Laughter with the rural, with consent… mother of beautiful love.

They have viral videos and an events section with Manuel Marlasca in which they talk about Daniel Sancho, a clairvoyant monk who has been arrested and went out in First dates Several neighbors are already scandalized because a neighbor from the same block has ejaculated in their cars. “Is ejaculating sexual abuse of cars?” Quintana said.

They have a perfectly oiled table of the heart because Quintana is a master at that, only now her collaborators have to dance when they are introduced. Two anonymous friends of the presenter have told her live what they thought of the program, Trancas y Barrancas en humano.

And Ivana Andrés. An interview in which they talked about the same thing that she has been talking about since the Sydney final, but where Ana Rosa seemed emotional. Her wife came in live, they gave a gift to their three-month-old daughter, some players from years ago and a children’s team from now came out. Let the children sing and raise their voices, as José Luis Perales sang.

And this has been all in this first program. ‘Tardear’, or rather ‘Tardejarl’.

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