The automobile employers’ associations in Spain launch a strategic plan for the manufacture of electric cars

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The automotive industry has the mission of focusing on the manufacturing of zero-emission cars and wants the entire production chain to be in Spain. For this reason, the automobile industry is calling for more investment in the sector and joint policies that allow Spain to be a reference country in Europe for creating cars that do not emit polluting gases. The Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Trucks (Anfac) and the vehicle supplier business (Sernauto) have also launched a strategic plan so that this industry does not depend on other countries.

The report states that the intention is that the creation of a car can be manufactured from start to finish in Spain. For this reason, these two associations call for the implementation of batteries, the production of electronic components and the reduction of bureaucracy to extract lithium. Both Anfac and Sernauto intend to recover the 1.2 million passenger cars and the 1.5 million new vehicles that were sold annually in the market, after last year the number of buyers decreased by 7.2%, reaching the 958,813 units.

Within the strategic plan, the employers’ associations highlight the need for greater financing in R&D&i so that digitalization is the main axis to create automobiles. Taking advantage of the hours of sunshine in Spain, these associations are calling for a plan for publicly accessible charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Last year, 18,128 points were registered in Spain, a figure much lower than the objective of 45,000 set by the European Union.

The general director of Anfac, José López-Tafall, is optimistic about this project because it will lead the way to “strengthen the automotive industry in national territory.” The leader wants Spain to become a benchmark in the development of this sector in the world. The general director of Sernauto, José Portilla, has stressed the need for a “relocation of critical components for the development of electrified vehicles.”

Adaptation to the electric vehicle market

The report, prepared with the consulting firm KPMG, demands that the automotive market favor the entry of private investment, accompanied by direct aid and a reduction in bureaucracy to acquire zero-emission vehicles. Spain maintains a discreet role in the electric vehicle market, since it only has a 10% share, very far from the average on the continent for all vehicles, which is 21%.

Both employers’ associations demand that the Ministry of Industry act as an interlocutor between the automotive sector and the Government. In addition, these two associations ask for the unification of administrative processes with the autonomous communities and a certain stability in the price of energy.

Europe and the automotive sector

The automotive industry in Spain accounts for 10% of GDP and is responsible for 18% of total exports. In addition, there are nine multinational brands established with 17 plants.

The sector also occupies second place on the European map in car manufacturing, only behind Germany, and is positioned ninth worldwide. More than 2.2 million vehicles were built in 2022, 5.78% more than the previous year.

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