Xuxa, friend rather than sexual referent

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Xuxa already has a documentary series where he recounts, among other things, some dark moments in his life. She, like so many others, suffered sexual abuse as a child (first from a friend of her parents and then from a teacher). Xuxa also questions her role as a sexual reference. The Xuxa show, Very popular among children in the nineties, it was broadcast in twenty countries. She also reigned in the first Telecinco focused on the little ones in the house.

He is wrong, I think, about his role at that time. Xuxa was not a Barbie. Xuxa was our friend. That’s how we saw it. She is a smiling and loving friend. Like a big sister or a perfect cousin. I have neither proof nor doubt that the older children (the boys) already saw her with different eyes. And yet we can all visualize in our minds another children’s presenter who was also wearing makeup, she was also in shorts, He also sang, but he did not transmit the sweetness and closeness of our beloved Xuxa. We children liked (and they like) the older ones who you know that if you got lost they would take you by the hand back home.

Xuxa questions some aspects of his staging, but we children didn’t question anything. A rumor came that there were some “porn” photographs of Xuxa. And even without knowing what that was, we were very clear that it was something that took you out of the world of children and dragged you into one that was forbidden because there was something wrong with it, something secret. One day they appeared at the kiosk and Xuxa was questioned. I wish there had been more adults who said it didn’t matter. All the sins that were attributed to Xuxa were in the eyes and minds of her accusers, because Xuxa was, above all, our friend of hers.

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