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Mario Vaquerizo said it in Let yourself be lovedMiguel Bosé said it in The anthill and Nacho Cano said it this Monday in this newspaper: nothing can be said anymore. Faced with such voices of authority, we have to give in: we live in a dictatorship worse than Franco’s, as some of them have dared to affirm. Because as everyone knows, under the yoke of a tyranny, the first thing one can say in the prime time national newspaper or in the most widely read general information newspaper in the country is that you cannot talk about anything.

You can’t eat without gaining weight, you can’t love without taking risks and you can’t say anything… without others being able to say what they want too. It is a nuisance of maturity and metabolism. And that is what many of those who claim that they are censored alive regret.

Of course, while they want to live in oral international waters, there are also those who want to deny them bread and salt because of some of their opinions. But why is one going to make a critical analysis of one’s own and those of others if one can resort to Francoist maximalism.

In any case, the three can rest assured: Cano continues with MalincheBosé has just released a documentary on Movistar Plus+ and Vaquerizo is going to have it on TardeAR. I write these lines before its premiere, but we can rest assured. “People are being told what to think,” Ana Rosa told The world, something, apparently, unprecedented in the politicians of any democracy. With freedoms in one’s pocket and knowing that one must protect them, the fear of not being able to talk about anything sometimes happens when one speaks and, without censorship, confirms one’s fears.

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