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Abby Zwerner, Teacher shot by 6-year-old

A Virginia elementary school teacher who was fatally shot by a 6-year-old student was hailed as a hero for alerting other students to flee. Newport News reported that Abby Zwerner suffered “life-threatening injuries” after she was shot by local news station WTKR on Friday at Richneck Elementary School. Ms. Zwerner, in her thirties, was transported to Riverside Regional Medical Center in a critical condition.

Saturday afternoon, a Newport News police spokesperson told The Independent that the victim’s condition was stable and improving. Sebastian Gonzalez-Hernandez told Fox3 that his 6-year-old son was in class during the shooting and praised Ms. Zwerner for her selfless actions.

Mr. Gonzalez-Hernandez told Fox3 that after she was shot, she yelled for her students to flee and appeared to be more concerned with their safety than her own. According to him, his son heard the gunshots, turned around to see Zwerner lying on the ground, and fled the classroom.

Another parent, who did not wish to be identified, expressed outrage to WTKR that a young child could bring a gun to school. The mother with a British accent who lives in the United States because her husband is in the military stated, “Guns are the biggest problem in this country.” Why would a seven-year-old possess a firearm? “A bloody gun?”

She added, in reference to Governor Glenn Youngkin, “Let’s do something.” “Now that we have a new governor, let’s take action and change that.” A spokesperson for The Independent reported that on Saturday morning, Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew met with the victim and his family.

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“He requests that you continue to think of her and pray for her. “Due to the ongoing investigation, no further information will be released at this time.” Mr. Drew stated at a news conference on Friday evening that the shooting occurred after a “dispute” between a student and teacher. He stated, “This was not an accidental shooting.”

The superintendent of Newport News Public Schools, George Parker, stated on Friday that he was “shocked and appalled” by the shooting. “We must keep our youth away from firearms,” he stated at a news conference. In a statement, the governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, stated that his administration supported the school district. “I will continue to monitor the situation and pray for all students’ and the community’s continued safety,” he said.


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