“My 2022 stats!” Aella sent a tweet Sunday. “And some number—how often have I this year?” Aella claims that she has had 63 sexual encounters in the past year, roughly twice as many as she has had in the shower. In fact, she did more than shower last year. On the sex expert’s list of undesirable behaviours are her drug use, travel, exercise, and illness frequency.

37 The average American adult takes 145 showers per year, according to a Harvard survey conducted in 2021, a statistic that is ringing in the ears of those who shower frequently. Aella responded to clean critics on Twitter, “Yes, I try not to disturb my natural skin microbiome too much.” “If I shower frequently, I smell worse!” I frequently use the bidet to clean my armpits and genitalia.”

The influencer also stated that she washes her face and brushes her teeth daily and that she changes her sheets twice per month. However, her dermatology explanation did not sit well with some.

“37 showers seems insane to me. I shower twice a day, three times on many days during the summer, or possibly because I’m constantly on the move. They reek. You must,” a soap-loving tweet states.

Meanwhile, one male fan pointed out the apparent double standard, lamenting: “Why is it cool for Aella to take a shower once a week, but when I do, they’re not just social norm bros.”

According to one reader, however, the hot baths of sex workers highlight an important issue.

“This post makes me wonder how much water those obsessed with showers are using because their [black and white] thinking leads them to believe that anything that isn’t immediately sanitised is disgusting,” they tweeted. “And never questioned the statement that their bodies were inherently evil and needed soap.”

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In recent years, many unwashed celebrities have become the talk of social media by admitting that they and their children rarely bathe. In 2021, the 42-year-old actor Jake Gyllenhaal stated, “I’m finding that I shower less and less often.” She manages to skip a lot of leg days in the shower as part of the show, whereas celebrity parents like Kristen Bell, 42, and Dax Shepard, 48, say they’ll only do it when they see dirt on their children.

These controversial assertions are supported by scientific evidence. According to Dr. Manhattan-Derm, dermatologists “do not recommend prolonged baths or daily showers.” Lathering in hot water, according to Julie Russak of the Washington Post, “really removes and disrupts the skin’s microbiome,” which plays a role in protecting the skin and is vital to the overall health of the body.


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