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Alice Ardelean leaked news onlyf on reddit and twitter, videos or photos

The opposite of down is up! A model from Birmingham believes in OnlyF and has the “roundest ass in MMA,” allowing her to participate in only one UFC bout.

Alice Ardelean has unbridled passion and a no-nonsense way of doing things. She sells intimate photos on a subscription website and starts over in the ring.

The model thinks she knows everything after making £600 per month as a security guard and then £10,000 per month at OnlyFans.

Prior to this, she could barely afford to train, but now she trains four to six times per day, which has contributed to her five-game winning streak.

Alice, 30 years old, told the Daily Star, “As a boxer, my muscles are not particularly athletic, but I have a large derriere.” “It went extremely well.” Of course, many people despise me, but they give me nothing, and their opinion is irrelevant.

If only Dignity could pay the rent, utilities, food, education, and equipment. I am now known and adored throughout the world for having one of the largest and roundest asses in mixed martial arts.

Alice began training MMA approximately a decade ago because she was bullied for being “kinda fat” and feared “aggressive guys” would hurt her. Georgina Rodriguez flaunted a massive diamond ring at Ronaldo Al-Nasser’s Now, she claims that some of these bullies are directly messaging her on social media. She has 103,000 Instagram followers.

Alice has been informed that if she wins the EFC World Strawweight Title in March in South Africa, she will receive her “dream” UFC contract.

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