Kathmandu. A YouTube content creator and blogger was detained after the Metropolitan Traffic Police received complaints on their Facebook page.
The Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Office has heard through its Facebook page, Twitter page, and other channels that people who ride bikes in public places, including on sidewalks, hurt other people.

A complaint was made about Prince Thapa Magar, who has a YouTube blog about cycling. He was taken to the police.

A few days ago, Magar posted a blog on his YouTube channel about cycling through Pashupati with his friends.

A friend collided with another cyclist while riding a bicycle, and the situation became tense for some time.

Additionally, the video is currently going viral on Tiktik. In response to this issue, the Nepal Police social media pages have received complaints that members of the public are being harassed on behalf of bloggers.

Additionally, he was accused of traffic violations in the name of blogging. The traffic police stated that Magar and his friend were taken to the office and that “appropriate measures” had been taken.


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