Ally Lotti, a friend of Juice Wrld, asserts that the rapper’s death is more public than is being disclosed, and Lil Bibby appears to be responding.

On Sunday, June 5, a private Instagram Direct Message conversation was leaked in which Lotti filmed herself and discussed the tragic death of Juice WRLD in December 2019. The video was sent anonymously to an Instagram user.

Lottie stated in the video, “For the past year and a half, I’ve kept to myself.” “I kept my distance from everyone because I anticipated what would transpire.” If people knew what transpired the day before Jarrard died, the day Jarrard died, and everything else, I cannot discuss it at this time. Still, I would. I’d do so. “All I want to know is that I’m safe.”

“I assure you of my complete support,” Lottie continued. “I’m unable to abandon Jarrard’s legacy.” Jarrard would never treat his fans that way. “

She added, “It’s always about the money, and Jarrard earns enough to fix the problem.”

The video concludes with Lottie saying, “I’ll sue you.”

We’re not going to discuss when she stumbles or makes a mistake; she’s embarrassed and insecure.

I then teased them and spoke with them behind closed doors.

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