Anees Fatema’s video from Makassar, South Sulawesi, went viral on TikTok and Twitter. Fatema is a TikTok user from Makassar (Sulsel). Anees responded to the viral video link in the most recent 15-second viral video by uploading the account @aneesfatema22.

A TikTok video uploaded by Anees Fatema on Tuesday, January 17, reads, “Suddenly going viral on Twitter again.”

As of Thursday, the video had been viewed 723,900 times and liked 75,000 times. “Shut up whoever saw it,” he continued (January 19, 2023). A viral video depicts Anees Fatema going viral while driving.

The TikTok celebrity from Makassar, South Sulawesi, is seen seated in the vehicle’s front passenger seat.

In a viral video of the virus on Twitter, Anees is seen briefly closing his eyes and then opening them slowly. He was observed wearing a grey sweater and a black hood. Additionally, he appears to simply bop and shake his head to the beat of the song.

On occasion, the video camera was brought close to his face, allowing him to purse his lips. Additionally, netizens have responded to the video in the comment section uploaded by the account’s Douyin page.

Some Internet users also mentioned the Boy Scouts’ greetings to New York. Through his TikTok account, the uploader also reported this comment.

“Ugh yes, this appears to be a Boy Scouts greeting,” the account @alpukatmen **** tweeted with a smiley face emoji.


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