Anne Winsch, star of “Berlin Day and Night,” has been attacked on social media once more. This time, instead of a picture of her three children, she posted a picture of herself on Instagram. In the recording, the internet celebrity is only seen wearing pink underwear. However, her followers didn’t like it and told the 31-year-old bluntly.

for utterly unfathomable desires. “Because some people claim I’m stripping for likes and exposure once more,” she said. Bullshit,” she wrote on her Instagram Story, adding: “Anyone who knows me knows I’ve always been like that, and I like being like, ‘Taking pictures of yourself like this, even before the ‘Berlin day and night’ time.'”

The mom-of-three also made it clear that nothing would change. “As a mother, I completely understand if it’s too much for some people. “But I’m not just a mother; I’m a woman, and I intend to demonstrate that.”

“It has nothing to do with my maternal qualities.”

The influencer posted old photos to demonstrate that she has always enjoyed showing off her beauty. It included photos of her topless on a beach when she was 18. She asks, “If you don’t want to see that, then why are you here?”

Just because she takes self-portraits in this manner does not mean she is a bad mother. Anne stated that it had nothing to do with her maternal qualities. “If something doesn’t work for you, don’t try to change someone else; instead, find someone who will post what you want to see,” she advises her detractors.


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