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A feral youth from Arc City, he was discovered by Silvia and Pierre during their search for the legendary “Solar Wing,” whom they initially mistook for him. His talents as an elemental manifested when the Shadow Angels captured the entire city’s populace.

Because he was an animal at heart, the power of his abilities grew with a berserk fury that neither the Elements nor DEAVA had ever seen. This solidified his place among them.

Apollo gradually acquires new skills and demonstrates a remarkable ability to pilot Aquarion, in addition to gaining new abilities. Eventually, it is revealed that he carries only a portion of the reincarnated soul of Apollonius. After the Tree of Life is destroyed, Apollo makes the brave choice to give up himself, Sirius, and Toma to save the world.

He tells Silvia, though, that he will come back in 12,000 years. It is never explained why this time is chosen, but it could have something to do with the next cycle of reincarnation.

Uniquely, his name was not originally his own. After swimming in a frigid lake in the dead of winter, his childhood friend Baron gave him the name Apollo after observing the sunlight bathe his body. This is a clear homage to the authentic Greek god Apollo, who was said to have been born on a lake’s shore.


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