A man named Josh Highcliff uploaded a video to YouTube that he claimed was filmed on his hunting grounds approximately nine miles west of Tunica, Mississippi. Highcliff said that the video showed a “skunk monkey,” which is also called “Bigfoot.” At first, he thought it was just a simple animal.

“My first instinct was to run; I didn’t even consider shooting,” Highcliffe said in the caption, adding, “That’s when I realised that nobody would believe me.” The creature is Josh, age eight. The video was recorded some time ago, but commentators have recently brought it back into the spotlight.

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch in North American and Canadian folklore, is a large, hairy, ape-like creature said to roam the forest. Throughout the years, hundreds of images and videos purporting to depict dormant figures have surfaced, but some believe that the most convincing evidence comes from a man named Josh Highcliff.

Josh, who uploaded the video to YouTube, reached out to the online community for assistance after spotting a “skunk monkey,” also known as the Bigfoot of Florida, which is believed to inhabit the southeastern states. He explained that the video was shot on his hunting grounds, approximately nine miles west of Tunica, Mississippi.

Josh initially mistook it for an animal because he was “pig hunting,” but then he noticed “those massive shoulders and upright heads and hands.” “My initial reaction was to flee; I didn’t even consider shooting… then I realised no one would believe me,” he wrote.

“Everything seemed to be slowing down…

I was frightened! I took out my iPhone and began recording… “I believe I pressed the record button twice because the red light stopped blinking, but I pressed again.” I heard a truck drive up the street, and the object stopped! I attempted to remain still, but when it stood up, I couldn’t help myself and fled.

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Josh continued by stating that he estimated the size of the creature to be approximately two meters. People continue to comment on the video, calling it the best of its kind, even though it’s been a few years since he shared it. One author remarked, “This may be the greatest photograph ever.” Surprisingly, it is no longer being discussed.


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