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Black Desert Mobile 

Although Black Desert Online is a implausible sport with hundreds to supply, not everybody will get pleasure from it. BDO is certainly worthwhile to play if you happen to’re ready to speculate the time mandatory to know the sport. BDO is certainly worthwhile for anyone looking for a complete MMORPG with tonnes of stuff to do. Black Desert Mobile’s universe is extra organized and linear than Black Desert Online’s because of the {hardware} restrictions of cell units, lowering the quantity of wandering and strolling round. However, the sport nonetheless appears to be like implausible, so if in any respect possible, you need to play it on one of many best Android tablets available on the market.

Black Desert Mobile Patch Notes

New Drieghan Zones

Adventurer, whenever you arrive on the Sherekhan Necropolis in Drieghan to determine the character of your newfound energy, the excessive priestess Camira will inform you of her concern relating to the various witness claims of unusual specters.
You then head to the underground altar the place Emora, Camira’s elder sister, declare to have seen the specters lurking about, and also you witness the specters for your self.

Meanwhile, a censer has gone lacking from the Fountain of Origin, and there are horrible rumors that the Sherekhan Warriors are attacking the folks at Gervish Mountains. Who had been the specters lurking in regards to the altar, and the place may the censer have disappeared to from the Fountain of Origin? Where did the Sherekhan Warriors come from, and why are they attacking folks?

Adventure within the new areas, the Fountain of Origin and Gervish Mountains, to unravel these veiled secrets and techniques. 

Added new areas in Drieghan.

New zones: Fountain of Origin, Gervish Mountains, Gervish Falls, Gervish Peaks, Morning Fog Post
ㆍThe Holy Vial of Light price for the brand new areas are as follows:

New Zones Holy Vial of Light Cost 
Gervish Mountains -9.0% 
Gervish Falls -9.5% 
Gervish Peaks -10.0% 

New Story

Added “Drieghan: Rise of the Sherekhan,” a brand new Drieghan story.
ㆍThe new “Drieghan: Rise of the Sherekhan” story will probably be obtainable after finishing “Akum’s Memorial Statue,” the final quest of “Drieghan, the Land of Dragons.”
ㆍComplete the story to accumulate new Knowledge for Characters, Topography, Adventures, and Academics.
– Defeat monsters in Drieghan to accumulate new Knowledge for Ecology.
– Added a brand new Fairy Album entry.

Boss Rush

– Added a brand new boss to Boss Rush, “Fugitive Khalk.”
ㆍComplete the “Boss: Fugitive Khalk” mission to be granted entry to “Fugitive Khalk” from the Boss Rush menu.
ㆍBoth Elion and Hadum Boss Rushes can be found for “Fugitive Khalk.”
– “Fugitive Khalk” Boss Knowledge will increase DP.

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Great Desert Field Boss: Apocros

– Added a Great Desert Field Boss, Apocros.
– Apocros will spawn within the Outlaw Zones of every Great Desert problem in random intervals.
– An orange pillar will soar up into the sky on the spawn level. Apocros will spawn whenever you strategy the pillar.
– An icon will seem to the left of the Great Desert map and the World Map. Tap the icon to maneuver to the spawn level.
– Apocros performs assaults whereas transferring out and in of the sand and whereas airborne.
ㆍWhen Apocros is underneath the sand and in midair, it will likely be Invincible, which suggests you may solely deal injury when it’s on land.
– If you don’t deal injury for 30 seconds since your final hit to Apocros, the injury dealt till that time won’t be counted in direction of the rating, and also you will be unable to obtain rewards.

– When Apocros is defeated, you may receive one or two Apocros loot based mostly in your inflicted injury rating.

 You can change loot for rewards in every problem from the Katan Soldier NPC within the Great Desert.
ㆍYou should change the loot inside 5 days of acquiring it. You can not change the loot for the reward as soon as it expires.
ㆍYou can change solely as soon as per week, and this weekly restrict is shared throughout all problem rewards.
ㆍEx) If you have already exchanged [Wings of Apocros] for the reward, you can not change [Flippers of Apocros] or [Scales of Apocros] for the rest of the week.

– You can receive the next gadgets with a set probability from the Apocros reward chests.

Difficulty  Items
Imur  Edana’s Coin, Root of Sorcery, [Abyssal] Relic Chest, Tangled Time, Thunder God’s Power Core, Hadum Rune
Torme, Shahzad Edana’s Coin, Root of Sorcery, [Abyssal] Relic Chest, Tangled Time, Thunder God’s Power Core, Hadum Rune, Luminescent Crystal, [Primal] Unknown Memory (Shoes) 
Difficulty Loot 
Shahzad Wings of Apocros
Torme Flippers of Apocros
Imur  Scales of Apocros


Bug Fixes

[Archmage] Fixed a problem the place performing rear fundamental assaults throughout auto-combat would deal an irregular quantity of injury.


Dream Horse

– Added a brand new story about Dream Horse Diné, “Trail of the Golden Mirage.”
ㆍThis story will unlock after you full the “Legendary Dream Horse” story.
– Changed visible results for Dream Horse Diné Awakening makes an attempt.

Combat Plus

Added the “Holy Vial Cost -20% in Hadum and Chaos zones” impact to the Combat Plus buff, based mostly on the suggestions we acquired from our Adventurers on the Calpheon Ball.


– Reduced the impact vary of the fairy ability “Black Rock Altar Auto-Offering” by half.
– Added a “CP Analysis Suggestion” tutorial.
– Changed the “Expanding Your Camp” tutorial to solely be guided by means of textual content and pictures and added it to the Tutorial menu.

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– Added outfitted abilities to be displayed within the Fairy Skills menu.
– Improved the listing of things already bought from the Pearl Shop to be viewable.
– Added extra sources to the acquisition data of sure gadgets.
ㆍApplies to: Shadow Knot, Holy Vial of Light, Pristine Black Crystal, Alchemy Stone Fragment, Caphras Dust, Lightstone Fragment, Relic Fragment, Magical Residue, Magical Essence
– Added the textual content “CP from Lightstone slates in addition to Slate 1 don’t have an effect on the CP rankings.” to the Equip Lightstone display screen.

Prior Notice

Alyaelli’s Rift
– Requirements for unlocking the story “A Rift Splitting the World,” a content material open requirement, will probably be lowered after the scheduled upkeep on Jan 10 (Tue).

Current Requirements – Own the “Protector of Rift” title from finishing Path of Glory: Rift 15 Wave 1
ㆍThe required CP to enter Rift 15 is 97,000.
– Own the “Honorable Challenger” title from reaching any World Boss Knowledge Lv 30
Revised Requirements – Own the “Conqueror of Rift 4” title from finishing Path of Glory: Rift 4 Wave 10
– Changed the requirement for the “Honorable Challenger” title: Any World Boss Knowledge Lv 30 → Lv 10

– The trait level necessities for attaining Caring, Carefree, and Trusty Fairy will probably be alleviated after the scheduled upkeep on Jan 10 (Tue).
– The trait whole required for Lv 10 Trait Resonance will probably be adjusted from 600 or above to 590 or above.
ㆍStats for Trait Resonance ranges above Lv 10 can even be adjusted.
– Adjustments will probably be made to the trait factors gained from finishing day by day quests from the Fairy -> Bond -> Wish menu.
ㆍThese changes won’t be made for the day by day quests of Baby Fairy and Depressed Baby Fairy’s Wish.
Currently the quests reward trait factors for various resonances, resembling [Cheerful +1, Creative +1].
After the replace, they are going to be adjusted to reward trait factors of the identical resonance, resembling [Friendly +1, Cheerful +1], so you may concentrate on growing particular resonances.
– Ongoing Fairy Wish day by day quests will probably be canceled after the scheduled replace on Jan 10 (Tue), and the Curiosity spent for accepting the day by day quests will probably be returned to your in-game mailbox.



– Improved to show accomplished Playtime on the Sleep Mode display screen.
– Improved to show “No Tier Info” for desert mounts from the Stable -> Manage menu in Camp.
– Improved Guild Rush invite and Party Rush invite home windows to stay open when tapping exterior the pop-up.
– Changed the title of the “Stamina Recovery” stat in sure merchandise descriptions to be extra correct to the precise impact.

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Bug Fixes


– Fixed a problem the place sure enchantments with MP/Magic Recovery results wouldn’t recuperate Sacred Power or Magic on hit.
– Fixed a problem the place the fairy ability “Boss Rush Multiplier” wouldn’t apply to auto-exploring Constellations.


– Fixed a problem the place the Horse Delivery button would have the NEW tag when tapping the Stable from Camp.
– Fixed a problem the place textual content would overlap when writing a guild discover when it is clean.
– Fixed a problem the place the data on the horse feed button would not instantly refresh whenever you feed your horse.

Black Desert Mobile Forum

Starting Events

Black Spirit Mission Pass
· Event Period: After upkeep on Jan 3 (Tue), 2023 – Feb 6 (Mon), 23:59

2023 Lucky Roulette
· Event Period: After upkeep on Jan 3 (Tue), 2023 – Jan 9 (Mon), 23:59

Roulette Ticket Missions
· Event Period: After upkeep on Jan 3 (Tue), 2023 – Jan 9 (Mon), 23:59

2023 Lucky Clover
· Event Period: After upkeep on Jan 3 (Tue), 2023 – Jan 9 (Mon), 23:59

Guild Up in 2023!
· Event Period: After upkeep on Jan 3 (Tue), 2023 – Jan 9 (Mon), 23:59

Fairy Support! (Pearl Items) Week 3
· Event Period: After upkeep on Jan 3 (Tue), 2023 – Jan 9 (Mon), 23:59

Black Desert Mobile Twitter

The official web site has launched an replace on its twitter web page. The upkeep will happen on January 3! The gamers had been requested to make use of the spirit mode. Click Here and test the Twitter web page of the sport.


Game Maintenance

1/3, 00:00 – 02:30 (UTC-8, AMERICA)
1/3, 09:00 – 11:30 (UTC+1, EUROPE)
1/3, 16:00 – 18:30 (UTC+8, ASIA)

Official Website Maintenance

1/3, 00:00 – 02:30 (UTC-8, AMERICA)
1/3, 09:00 – 11:30 (UTC+1, EUROPE)
1/3, 16:00 – 18:30 (UTC+8, ASIA)

Ending Events:

– Aim for a Dream Horse

– Terrmian Cliff Altar of Wishes

– Terrmian Cliff Special Shop

– Wishing Marble Votes for the New Year

– Wishing Marble Daily Missions

– Collect Heartwarming Fruit

– Christmas Puzzle Event

– Christmas Puzle Piece Event


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