Bogie shooting: ‘Real reason’ for neighbour conflict is revealed – as details emerge of Schwarz-Tighe survivor’s incredible escape

According to Daily Mail Australia, two neighbours had been engaged in a long-running argument about a fence’s border line when one of them suddenly opened fire, killing three family members and injuring another.

It comes as incredible details about how a young father, Ross Tighe, managed to flee the scene while being shot in the abdomen, leaving in a ute and raising the alarm.

Ross went to the boundary line of their Bogie property, located in the Whitsundays region of North Queensland, about 9 a.m. on Thursday to appease their neighbours together with his older brother Graham, mother Maree Schwarz, and stepfather Mervyn.

Detectives reported that on Wednesday night, a 59-year-old male allegedly invited them to meet up early the following morning on the border of their fields.

But the unidentified 59-year-old is accused of pulling a revolver and shooting all four Schwarz-Tighe family members, leaving Ross with an abdomen wound.

On Friday afternoon, it is anticipated that the alleged shooter will face charges.

Ross somehow managed to escape despite his mishaps by hopping into a car and speeding several kilometres to another property to call the police, who flocked to the little rural city in search of the three separate purported victims and the gunman.

Ross Tighe, shown here with his companion Kaitlyn, is reportedly recovering in a hospital after being wounded in the abdomen.

According to police, the alleged capture took place when the Schwarz-Tighe family met their neighbours on the property’s perimeter.

After locking off the area bearing his name, Queensland Police discovered Mervyn, Maree, and Graham’s bodies on the Shannonvale Road property a few hours later.

Greg Austen, a councillor on the Isaac Regional Council and the brother-in-law of Maree Schwarz, told Daily Mail Australia that the neighbours had been fighting over where the boundary line should be between their two farms.

He said, “It was a fence line argument that has been going on for a few years.” One man believed it was posted at the wrong location. It’s utterly absurd.

‘I have no idea how it came about at this time. This isn’t America.

Ross, who shares a 1-year-old daughter with his partner Kaitlyn, was taken to Mackay Hospital in a critical condition, where he underwent emergency surgery.

He continues to be stable in the intensive care unit and was available for an interview with police on Thursday evening.

As he paid tribute to his family members who were active in the community, Mr. Austen claimed to be startled at how the dispute supposedly grew.

Graham Tighe, the son of Maree Schwarz, and both Mervyn and Maree Schwarz passed away from gunshot wounds.

Along with his mother and stepfather, Graham Tighe (shown on the left), bought the property in May of last year.

Pictured is the land parcel that belongs to the Schwarz-Tighe family in Bogie, North Queensland.

“When we initially heard something happened, we assumed they were being silly Collinsville buggers, but we didn’t realise the effect was so extreme,” he said.

They were a respectable Christian family. They were a working bush family who participated in events, worked seven days a week, had beer on Sundays, and was well-liked by neighbours. A typical Australian family home.

Graham had a younger family, and their kid was sent to Brisbane because he was a crook. He is the first boy to be born who might carry on the Tighe family name. Graham only spent, in my estimation, approximately

Mr. Austen claimed that his nephew-in-law displayed incredible bravery.

Ross has two ladies, but he’s OK. I’ve never spoken to him, but we’re going there because he’s about three hours away,’ he said.

Ross is a young man who is quite strong.

“To see what happened in front of him and then be able to walk back to the car demonstrates real resilience, and I’m confident he will not forget it for the rest of his life.”

Brother-in-law of Maree Schwarz Greg Austen claimed Ross (seen) is a strong man.

Pictured: A home owned by the Schwarz-Tighe family that is situated on Sutherland Road

The household have been long-time graziers who owned quite a lot of farmsĀ 

Graham, Maree, and Mervyn had just recently purchased the property when they were found dead on Thursday. Cows on one of the Schwarzes’ numerous farms are depicted.

A 59-year-old male has been taken into custody and is expected to be charged later today, according to Queensland Police Acting Superintendent Tom Armitt.

The Schwarz-Tighe family was invited to meet the individual on the property’s perimeter, according to Acting Superintendent Armitt.