Tim Stokely, who started the content subscription platform OnlyF, has invested in the fitness dating platform FITFCK in a way that has not been made public.

According to FITFCK, the investment from OnlyF’s founders valued the company at more than £3 million.

After her girlfriend broke up with her just a few weeks before her bodybuilding competition, Jamie Wykes-Hobday started FITFCK, which is pronounced “fit-eff-see-kay.”

The app’s goal is to connect people through their shared interest in fitness and introduce them through social or exercise activities.

“I’m very excited about the opportunity to invest in FITFCK,” Stockley said after selling his majority stake in the adult content platform in 2018. “I fully believe in the brand concept and am excited to see how it can realize its global potential as a multi-level consumer brand.”

“I am delighted that Tim has decided to invest in FITFCK,” Jamie Wykes-Hobday said.

Finding investors is one thing; finding someone who has grown their startup into a multi-billion-dollar global company is another.

“I’m sure that Tim’s faith in the company will help us a lot in making FITFCK into a global consumer brand,” he said.

FITFCK’s London-based app will be available in November, coinciding with the next event.

Energym is another gym-based startup that is developing an exercise bike that converts movement into electricity.


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