There are numerous content creators for all types of Internet users on OnlyF.

Many users follow their favourite models, influencers, or celebrities solely to access their private content. They are willing to pay a monthly subscription fee to view intimate photographs and videos of their favourite people.

However, there are some netizens in OnlyF who have fantasies and hobbies, and they will seek out models and Internet celebrities to fulfil them, even if it costs them more.

Thus, the story of Jaelyn Cox, a young woman whose pregnancy photo went viral, went viral.

She earns her living as an adult platform model and stripper, and when she learned she was expecting a child, she feared it would be detrimental to her career.

She was genuinely surprised to learn that men have strong fetishes and are interested in pregnant women.

The 29-year-old said she has made more money since she told her subscribers about her second pregnancy.

“I was going to stop until I realised that many men have pregnancy-related fetishes.” When I was pregnant with my first daughter and people requested photos of my belly, I created OnlyF. “I believed it would be more difficult to be around strippers, but these guys didn’t care, and they still asked me to dance,” she said.

Initially, the Glasgow, Scotland-based model lacked confidence, but she eventually realised that she was still attractive to gentlemen.

“My body has changed, and my breasts have become larger.” felt like I’ve made more money since getting pregnant. When I first tried it, my confidence was extremely low, but the more people who don’t seem to mind that I’m not losing money, the more confident I feel. I’ve already been asked about pregnancy-related content and belly photos. She stated, “I’ll likely do that before I give birth.”

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