A person brutally beats his canine a number of occasions after which kills it for shedding a race.
A video that has gone viral on social media reveals a perpetrator mercilessly abusing a canine. In the footage, the attacker is seen grabbing the animal by its hind legs and repeatedly slamming it to the bottom as he claims he misplaced a race the place a big amount of cash was at stake.

The newest animal abuse case that has been extensively circulated on Chinese social media has aroused robust feelings amongst viewers. In truth, the shock it has brought on is so nice that many are calling for rapid motion to establish and arrest the perpetrator.

The particular person within the video had misplaced a substantial sum of cash after betting on a canine race involving his personal pet. The photographs present the brutal beating he gave the animal. He mercilessly grabbed the canine’s hind legs and repeatedly slammed it to the bottom with brute pressure.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the abused creature was unable to outlive such a vicious assault and finally misplaced its life. The animal lived with its proprietor in Xiong County, situated in northeast China. Sadly, the brutality of the video would not finish there.

While beating the canine, the attacker yelled at “all canine homeowners” to announce that they need to “eat him” if their pet was not in good situation. The video, shared on Pear Video, has now garnered greater than three million views.

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