Couples who are unable to conceive naturally can benefit from egg donation. Despite the fact that the procedure is not intended to be painful, it is a 30-minute needle-based process.

Now, an OnlyFans model is eager to donate her eggs so that more of her “wonderful” genes can be spread throughout the world. Aella, a former pornstar and pornographer, is willing to discuss donations in exchange for cash. In a section titled “Get My Eggs” on her website, she writes, “I love my genes.”

The model continued, “I’d love to see more of these in the world, but I have no plans to breed myself at the moment.” If you’re interested in breeding with my eggs, I’d be willing to discuss it in exchange for my time and my fear of needles.

sharing my ancestry, health tests, and family history. To donate eggs in the United Kingdom, a woman must be in good health, be between the ages of 18 and 35, and have two healthy ovaries. In accordance with HFEA guidelines, egg donors will receive a free fertility assessment, infection screening, and £750 compensation.

However, that is not the only topic Aella has recently discussed online. Previously, the former pornstar revealed that she had taken only 37 showers in the previous year.

She uses the Dailyo app to track her daily activities, and the results are quite intriguing. And she did not hesitate to share the results on Twitter, where they have been viewed over 20 million times.

Her posts reveal that she drank alcohol for 118 days, had sex for 63 days, and was sick for 14 days in the past year. In addition, she worked 137 days and defecated for 194 days. The fact that she took a shower in only 37 days in 2017 was the part of her confession that drew the most attention from fans.

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Someone commented on the post, “37 showers is ridiculous.” I shower twice a day and three times on many summer days, possibly because I’m constantly on the move. You stink. You should.”


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