ZED RUN founder envisions user narrative-driven Metaverse

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Chris Laurent, the founder of the information/beer-gambling-and-crypto-budweiser-races-into-zed-run-s-nft-games”>popular-digital horse racing game ZED RUN, envisions a future the place folks will spend their free time growing their very own distinctive narratives inside the Metaverse. 

This digital world will include a mixture of gaming, leisure, and social experiences beneath an overarching storyline, he believes.

“My perception of the metaverse isn’t just a meeting [of people], it’s coming home after work and not turning on Netflix, but seeing what happens to yourself and your friends in some type of storyline that is flexible.”

The ZED RUN founder spoke to Cointelegraph following the launch of its first Metaverse platform, Human Park, on June 13. It options fully-customizable user avatars and an aesthetically pleasing 3D world constructed utilizing the Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, the identical platform utilized in prime gaming titles akin to Fortnite and Borderlands.

In an interview on launch day, Laurent and his staff at Virtually Human Studio (VHS Labs), together with Human Park govt producer Steven Na and Rick Pearce of Spectre Studios, confused that Human Park was totally different from different Metaverse initiatives because it focuses on story-telling relatively than simply plopping customers right into a 3D world to roam round aimlessly.

“We are storytellers at heart, so we’re here to empower players to tell their own stories. In this way, we believe we will be transforming the way people engage with and express themselves in this new internet we are all building,” stated Pearce, co-founder and inventive director of Spectre Studios.

Steven Na instructed Cointelegraph that they didn’t wish to create a platform that white-boxed customers into specific gaming experiences.

“We really want to empower users to tell their own story within the metaverse, so we don’t want to be heavy-handed and say like, hey, you’re going to play RPG, and that’s the metaverse, or you’re going to play a sandbox game, and that’s the metaverse.”

Laurent added that the Metaverse will provide “many different types of game experiences, entertainment, and social environments.”

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“Much like you would see if you look at something like Roblox or Minecraft or even Fortnite where they’re almost like a social platform,” he added.

When requested whether or not the imaginative and prescient corporations akin to Meta and Microsoft have information/barbie-verse-mattel-inks-multi-year-deal-with-cryptoys-nft-marketplace”>laid out for the Metaverse, akin to virtual-reality powered work conferences, or total companies run out of the digital world, will come true, Laurent stated he believes something is feasible at this stage.

“[In regards to] the experimentation some of these bigger entities are making, obviously, they’re doing it for a reason, and we can’t ignore that, so our theory is that weird stuff is going to happen in the space.”

The launch of Human Park on June 13 has been accompanied by the drop of its first themed launch. Season Zero, a retro-cyberpunk world, will include limited-time-themed nft drops. The game is free-to-access, with optionally available gameplay modes that may be accessed by user-owned nft avatars and wearables.

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