This week, an audio recording of a conversation between Danielle Cohn and her mother, Jennifer Archambault, was leaked onto the internet.

Cohn is a young YouTuber, musician, and influencer with 1.7 million subscribers who has been a divisive figure on the platform for several years due to age-related questions.

This week, Archambault was heard in the clip criticizing Cohn for being “cold-hearted” and stating that she permitted her to have an abortion.

“I permitted you to undergo an abortion… I’ve allowed so much that I shouldn’t have, and it’s made you the person you are today,” “Archambault said.

In subsequent clips, Archambault suggests that Cohn spend some time with her father, Dustin, and Cohn repeats what her mother told her: “At least I didn’t kill my own child.”

The discussion has been published on the Instagram account @2helpdanicohn2.

Because of Internet sleuths and leaked information, Cohn’s fans are even more obsessed with finding out how old she really is.

In the past, she has asserted so often that she is 15 (now 16) that it has become a meme that she will always be that age. However, there are concerns that she is significantly younger than she claims and was only 14 when she had the abortion.

Cohn’s boyfriend is Mikey Tua, whom she began dating in 2018. In April 2019, they uploaded a series of videos depicting their trip to Las Vegas and apparent wedding. Danielle’s mother told Buzzfeed News that the ceremony was not legal and was merely “clickbait.” They temporarily split up at the end of 2019 after Tua’s parents intervened due to Cohn’s strange prank involving a fake pregnancy.

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“After sensitive information about Danielle was brought to my attention, we no longer support Mikey and Danielle’s relationship,” Katie, Tua’s mother, wrote on his Instagram stories. “Since Mikey is still a minor, we have removed his social media accounts. After we have resolved the legal matters, he will be able to retrieve it. Thank you!”

Tua’s father also posted a message saying that his son wanted to be free from him and his mother.

He wrote, “I understand that, but his emancipation could result in prison time.” “Dani is not 15.”

This year, the couple reconciled, and Tua, now 18 years old, is now living with Cohn’s family.


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