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Divine Knockout Patch Notes, What Are The Divine Knockout The Zeus Update Patch Notes?

What Is Divine Knockout?

The motion online game Divine Knockout was created by Red Beard Games and launched by Hi-Rez Studios. On December 6, 2022, it turned out there on Steam for Windows, based on stories from Divine Knockout Fandom. In the one third-person platform fighter on the planet, defeat the gods! Be a small-but-mighty legendary god, struggle in all three dimensions, and wipe your paws off the face of the earth to rule supreme. A implausible new twist on the Smash Bros brawler style known as Divine Knockout. There are at the moment solely six arenas and eight warriors out there, however possibly Red Beard Games’ creators will add extra promised new materials as time passes.


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Divine Knockout Patch Notes Update

*3v3 Map: Spirit Shrine:

Our first Japanese enviornment, this shrine capabilities as a fishing village which is house to many wandering spirits. Take a step onto the close by boat, struggle across the central bell, and be careful for the mighty Umibozu because the tides often rise and attempt to wash you away!

*God Costs:

In order to handle group issues, we’re decreasing the worth of Gods to 500 Runes (from 600). This means the worth of a single God aligns with the worth of our base Rune pack. We’ll subject a refund of 100 Runes for each God buy gamers have carried out by way of Runes.

  • Note: This will occur all through immediately (Dec. 20, 2022), however when you’ve got not obtained yours by tomorrow please contact our Support staff for help. This refund solely applies to Gods bought with Runes.


Amaterasu is at the moment over performing when efficiently performing quick combos, killing at too low of a %. The purpose of our adjustments is to decrease the quantity of harm that she is ready to do in addition to delaying her skill to kill with the final word.

Final Light:


Way of the Blade

Out of Here

Switching Strike


Athena’s parry is at the moment too punishing at a low degree. 



We’re balancing the quantity of harm that Izanami can do, particularly when not efficiently hitting all elements of her combos

Seeking Sickle


Slicing Sickle



Sol is proposing a novel playstyle however values throughout weren’t in keeping with the remainder of the characters. We will revisit in a later patch to see how gamers are utilizing her package now that values are balanced in comparison with the remainder of the roster.

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Susano’s playstyle remains to be one thing that we would like in-game, however his package was general method too efficient.

Air Light

  • Reduced injury to 7 (was 9)

  • Note: Tooltip in sport stated 11, this was an error


Storm Kata


Send Off

Divine Knockout  The Zeus Update Patch Notes January 3

*God: Zeus, King of Olympus:

Ruler of Mount Olympus, this mighty god of lightning instructions respect and awe from his foes! His skill to forged and management the world by way of surprising shows makes him a formidable ally or enemy! Here’s a short glimpse at his package:


Bolt of Olympus

  • Zeus holds a bolt of Olympus aloft earlier than throwing the projectile ahead, stopping on first enemy hit. If Zeus holds and prices it, it offers elevated injury, turns into a big projectile, and can shock enemies close to the goal.


  • Calling down thunder from the sky, Zeus strikes 3 areas in a line in entrance of him in a fast sequence. Enemies hit by the preliminary 2 strikes take injury and are pushed into the following hit. Enemies hit by the ultimate strike take elevated injury and heavy knockback.

Heaven’s Rage

  • Zeus flies into the air earlier than throwing down bolts from the sky, 3 at a time. Enemies hit by the bolts take injury and change into Charged. Targets could be Charged as much as 3 occasions. If Zeus has Charged enemies after throwing all his bolts, he’ll snap his fingers and name down a lightning strike on the goal. For every prices its space of impact will increase in dimension and knockback.

*Skin: Cyber-Forged Zeus:

Coming alongside the God himself is his first pores and skin, Cyber-Forged Zeus! This model of Zeus has totally embraced the expertise his electrical energy offers and shall be out there within the store throughout this replace!

*Core Combat Changes:

We added a .2 delay earlier than you may cancel or recast your motion talents (Ability 1) on the next Gods:

  •  Athena

  •  Thor

  •  Susano

  •  Arthur

  •  Thanatos

  •  Izanami

We had 2 issues on motion talents. First, gamers had been capable of cancel very early to be able to reset aerial assaults. This was inflicting main imbalances and would ultimately imply we would wish to revamp air assaults for characters like Susano as they push gamers rather a lot and could possibly be used to eradicate opponents early. Secondly, the flexibility and animations had been by no means designed to be prompt verify and subsequently would result in some issues the place gamers might nonetheless hit characters confirming their motion skill forged. The method our sport works, the capsule stays the place the motion skill is confirmed. So, when you verify right away, you may get hit whilst you’re animating within the air.

  • We’ve carried out a technical design that stops a number of gamers protecting enemies in lengthy combos. When the system detects abusive combos being carried out, it can apply a knockback to the sufferer, to be able to break the combo.

  • This change will assist forestall infinite combos in 1v2 and 1v3 situations. 

  • Cratering drive (the drive at which you bounce off the bottom) after a spike will now be elevated by your % of Vulnerability.

  • This will lead to spikes not permitting to hyperlink in between totally different assaults and successfully negate the flexibility for spikes for use to chain combos collectively past sure Vulnerability. 

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Amaterasu’s uppercut doesn’t learn properly because it’s a bit too quick, and there’s an excessive amount of leeway for gamers to counter assaults with this quick of a capability startup. That change ought to assist cut back the flexibility for Amaterasu to counter assaults whereas enhancing readability.

Sunlit Uppercut

Bug Fixes


Arthur’s projectile must be extra aggressive, so we predict the additional projectile velocity will assist with that. We additionally wish to encourage Arthur gamers to mess around with the final word much more than what’s at the moment carried out, so his final obtained a considerable buff.

Soaring Edge

Might of Excalibur

  • Increased period to 13s (was 11)

  • Note: Tooltip in sport stated 10, this was an error

  • Hits now deal 50% elevated injury (was 30%)


Air Heavy


Hercules final will now be a extra attention-grabbing sample to take care of because the third hit has much less knockback than the final hit.

Berserker Rage



Izanami forces gamers to adapt to her talents for too lengthy. We just like the distinctive playstyle she proposes however wish to be certain that her enemies can have alternatives too.




Bug Fixes


The important adjustments right here shall be a diminished time to revenue from his Storm Kata skill, which means that punishing errors in opposition to Susano shall be a lot simpler.

Air Light

Storm Kata


Thor clearly wanted high quality of life adjustments on his whirlwind to be able to compete in opposition to different characters. Also his Hold Heavy’s vary was not in keeping with the remainder of the roster. We’re trying ahead to see how these adjustments will carry out.

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Hold Heavy 

Anvil of Dawn

Berserker’s Barrage



Ymir’s Hold Heavy was at all times supposed to be longer vary than remainder of the forged, however this was method too stunning for gamers coming into the matchup. The important change is for Frost Breath. Currently, Ymir can counter all assaults with this skill whereas he has an excellent armor, which means he wouldn’t take the injury. We’re making that change in order that gamers can nonetheless inflict injury by way of assaults when Ymir is utilizing Frost Breath.

Hold Heavy

Frost Breath


Reference Source: Divine Knockout

DKO Twitter

Divine Knockout has an official Twitter web page on which it posts all the sport’s updates and newest info, so if you wish to hear it from them immediately or wish to try their web page, faucet on the hyperlink, @DKOgame. The Divine Knockout Game was initially launched on October 12, 2022. There are at the moment solely six arenas and eight warriors out there, however possibly Red Beard Games’ creators will add extra promised new materials as time passes. Furthermore, there’s undoubtedly a chance for a single-player platform story sooner or later. Give it a attempt when you get pleasure from some button-pushing exercise within the chilly winter months. 

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