In the twenty-third round of the Spanish Football League, Real Betis overcame a 2-0 deficit to defeat Elche, 3-2, on Friday.

Elche, the team at the bottom of the table, advanced early thanks to Vidal’s penalty kick and Puyi of Argentina (7 and 9).

Magalan, an Argentine, was kicked off the home team in the 57th minute. This let Borja Iglesias and Juan Miranda score from the penalty spot for Real Betis in the 65th and 67th minutes.(68).

And as the game was coming to a close, Iglesias missed a penalty kick (88).

In the final moments, Chilean Rocco was ejected after receiving a second yellow card for touching the ball with his hand inside the penalty area (90 + 5), and Brazilian Willian Jose scored the game-winning penalty kick for Betis.

In fifth place, the winner’s balance increased to 40 points, while Elchi’s balance remained at nine points.


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