Vine comedian with more than 50,000 followers on the 6 Second Video App Later, she and her friend Carly Incontro launched the YouTube series Vining and Driving, in which they interviewed Vine stars while driving.

In April 2009, she joined Twitter and sent her first tweet.

In less than a year, she posted one of her most popular Vine videos, “Truth or Dare with Carly Incontro, The Gabbie Show, Arielle, and J.Cyrus,” on loop in April 2015. over 2 million times. She also co-hosts the podcast Only Friends with Carly Incontro.

On her Instagram account, she frequently posts photos of her father. She is engaged to T.J. Petracca, whom she met in October 2018. The couple will marry in 2020.

Some Vine stars, like Brandon Calvillo, Harmony Smith, and David Dobrik, have been guests on the YouTube show Vining and Driving.


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