Eva Menta onlyfans leaked photo on twitter and reddit Italian Model Alex Mucci

We have nothing to say in these final hours: Alex Mucci and Eva Menta, two influencers known for their extreme beauty and sensuality, were photographed in front of the Venus of Botticelli at the Uffizi Museum in Florence. They took pictures and posted them on social media, wearing a very transparent t-shirt that revealed all of their curves and more. immediate uproar, even among politicians like Alessandro Draghi, leader of the Italian Brotherhood in Florence. However, there is no regression on the part of the influencer.

Eva Menta is the only fan.

There are no written rules governing museum visits, but there may be a dress code. Consider the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, and even the Vatican Gardens, where only “respectable” visitors are permitted. Necklines, tailored dresses or shorts above the knee, particularly mini skirts or hats, are prohibited.In this case, “label” then expands to “any visible personal object and distinctive personal mark that is equally visible (such as a tattoo) and that may offend Catholic morality.”

So, despite the fact that you’re in a museum, you act as if you’re entering a church. Similarly, in order to enter the Louvre, visitors must be dressed in such a way that Article 2 of the Visitor Regulations expressly prohibits being naked, clothed, or topless, or even walking barefoot, in the museum halls. The situation at the Uffizi is not much different. The visitor regulations state that visitors must “dress appropriately” and avoid wearing “swimwear or revealing clothing” when visiting the museum, including a wedding gown or period costume.

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Following the two influencers’ rebellion, another rule was cited: “In terms of photographs, pursuant to Decree No. 83/2014 (Article 12, Paragraph 3), photographs can be taken (with the exception of works on loan for temporary exhibitions) for personal use or study purposes, as long as you do not use flash, a tripod, or a tripod” (other). In addition to payment, specific authorization is required for other purposes (publication or other commercial use) if applicable. Red appears to have attempted to contact the Uffizi but received no response.

“They can’t use Botticelli’s Venus for an indecent commercial; it’s strange that the breeder didn’t notice, and a few hours later, director Schmidt didn’t get a no-no from these two sexy influencers.” “A deserving image,” wrote Alessandro Draghi, the head of the Italian Brothers group in Florence, angrily. He went on to say that “you enter the Uffizi according to the rules,” which means “wearing clothes appropriate to the official identity of the museum environment,” and that photos are only allowed “for personal use and for study purposes.”

For this, Draghi believes that “the law has been violated twice: the Uffizi asked for the removal of the poles that exploited the image of Venus by Botticelli and mocked the Italian artistic heritage; there were many who wore skimpy clothes.” Let us avoid doing it in Florence’s most important museums.” The Uffizi Gallery, however, did not appear to respond to the two interested parties, speaking only through the media and social networks and agreeing.

“The images were immediately flagged, and the museum intervened immediately to request that Instagram remove the unauthorised images.””It appears that the two entered their jackets with caution, then opened them so that the stewards couldn’t see; otherwise, they would have been escorted out of the museum, as in other similar (rare) cases in recent years,” he transmits. Uffizi Gallery.

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The influencers did not delete the photo; rather, they archived it (which many newspapers misspelled): The situation grew out of control, and it became difficult to keep it under control. To calm things down, we decided to temporarily archive the post. This is not an admission of guilt on our part. We will continue to insist that our gesture was not intended to be derogatory. “The post is currently only archived,” write Eva Menta and Alex Mucci in their Instagram Stories, but not only. Alex Mucci’s explanation in another story can be found here:


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