Iggy Azalea refuted claims that she earned a staggering $4.2 million in her first two weeks on OnlyF. The Australian rapper has responded to a deleted tweet, claiming her makeup artist disclosed her earnings on OnlyF.

‘Incorrect. This tweet is not genuine. The 32-year-old scoffed, “No one on my team would do that.” “You need to stop lying immediately!” This is not how OnlyF calculates earnings. You cannot earn everything on a subscription and receive only $512 worth of messages.

Since joining OnlyF a month ago, the Fancy hitmaker has repeatedly refused to disclose her official earnings from OnlyF. However, things appeared to be going well for the celebrity after she announced she had purchased a new home this week.

She tweeted, “Bought a new house today,” and added, “I still own the house I live in, but will be selling it soon.” Iggy recently acquired all of the rights to her master tapes and sold them to a publisher for eight dollars per digital song. The bombshell joined OnlyF less than two months after the sale, a move that will net her millions more.

Iggy currently charges $25 per month for subscriptions, but users must upsell to obtain sexier content. If you tip a celebrity $250, you will become a “VIP” for one year and receive a free exclusive photo and other unspecified benefits.

Iggy refused to disclose her earnings on the platform, but a conservative estimate places her first month’s earnings in the seven figures. Mishel Karen, the veteran creator of OnlyF, analysed Iggy’s website statistics and told the Daily Mail Australia that the rapper easily paid off $500,000 on a single subscription.

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