The renowned Kenyan actor Tailembaya, also known as Baja, has separated from his lovely girlfriend, Georgina Njanga. The young celebrity couple divorced months after the birth of their happy child, Astra Nyambura.

According to reports, Georgina recently posted on Instagram that she and her boyfriend are no longer together due to unresolved issues. We are accustomed to the fact that many celebrities vie for power when they have significant responsibilities. Certain individuals have mastered the art of gaining influence. And this is the only reason why the majority of Internet users question Georgina Njenga’s stance on breakups.

The fact that Georgina shared the second one and then deleted it a few minutes later raises more questions about whether this was just a simple misunderstanding or something more.

The couple has been together for over two years. Despite the birth of their first child, their relationship flourished. Why cease now? According to how Tyler Mbaya ended up, things appeared to be fine because he had no feelings for her. Your image will remain on their social media platforms. They keep following each other.

This past weekend, renowned Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya and his well-known girlfriend Georgina Njenga honoured their one-month-old daughter Astra with tattoos. Two years after falling in love, the couple became unexpectedly pregnant with a daughter. The couple’s obvious love deeply impressed Internet users.

Before Georgina even considered pregnancy, the couple flaunted couple goals in the early stages of their relationship, and it was flawless; nothing appeared to prevent them from expressing their (continuing) love for one another. In addition, a little girl is a boon for them. In addition to being content creators, they are also new parents. Despite their youth and lack of experience, they have demonstrated their willingness and capacity to navigate the path of parenthood.

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They inform her (Astra Nyabra) of the birth of the infant in a casual manner. Tyler Mbaya and Georgina now have permanent tattoos commemorating their firstborn child.


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