One of the most popular personalities on OnlyFans has revealed that she was offered $1 million to delete her account, but she declined. Laurie, a Frenchwoman, is among the top 0.4% of earners on the website, in part because she empowers her subscribers to make life decisions.

It’s a bit like “Twitch plays Pok√©mon”; I wish it were on OnlyFans, where “every decision in my life, whether significant or not, is determined by their subscribers.” She posts polls on Telegram where individuals can vote on what she should do, ranging from what she should eat for lunch to whether she should gamble, now that she has tried it, and whether they leave their partners and intern subscribers at their beck and call.

There are rules in place to prevent it from becoming too chaotic. Laurie will not do anything “that could endanger me, cause harm to others, or be abhorrent.” “To create a small community of people who would like to share their lives with me” was her stated motivation.

One of the topics on which her subscribers voted was what to do if a guy asked for her phone number, and the overwhelming majority of votes instructed her to ignore him. She then announced a poll asking her subscribers what their policy should be regarding men requesting their phone numbers, with the options of providing a real or fake number, telling men they are in a relationship with their subscribers, or setting the price at $5,000.

The fourth option garnered the most votes, prompting Laurie to announce that anyone willing to pay $5,000 can obtain her phone number, and the OnlyFans star provided a QR code for this purpose. Since then, one of her fans has made Lowry an offer, prompting her to take another poll, stating that the results could “change my life.”

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