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After receiving a fart in a glass from a top model for OnlyFans, a friend was left stunned and distraught. Kiaraakitty, or Kiki on social media, has found success by selling her body gas to desperate fans in beautifully packaged jars.

She refers to them as Scents and Things. On their website, you can purchase these odd items for a whopping £18 ($20, if you’re from the United States).

However, it appears that she is giving one of her first items away for free to her friend and model Jade Rasif. Dailystar is in jeopardy as a ‘ultra-realistic AI model’ threatens to take over OnlyFans.
The DJ, who has more than 500,000 Instagram followers, was photographed receiving and opening a gift from Kiki.

She posted the photo on Instagram with the caption, “WTFFFFF the amount of people purchasing this is insane.”

I am surprised and disturbed by everyone here.

Kiki hands it to her friend and says, “Enjoy the aroma.” The sale of the fart-filled jar and the model’s girlfriend shook social media. One person remarked, “I hope your future boyfriend won’t be so insane as to buy you bath water.

I cannot fathom why anyone would want that. Not for the first time has Kiki caused controversy. She was banned from the streaming website Twitch earlier this month for provocatively eating sausages while wearing only her underwear. During the ban period, she was travelling in Taiwan and appeared in public wearing the outfit while posting photos of tourists from all over the Asian country.


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