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Hailey Wingit leaked onlyf, haileywingit videos on reddit and twitter

When it comes to inviting guests to her podcast, “Call Her Daddy,” Alex Cooper has low expectations.

“I’m just asking people to be vulnerable and honest,” the 28-year-old said in an interview with E! News. Francesca Amiker joins Rachel Bilson, Miley Amiker, and other salacious relationship talk ahead of the season 2 premiere of her popular Spotify show. Miley Cyrus had a candid sit-down with Hailey Bieber in her most acclaimed and revealing interview until today.

“People aren’t always ready for this,” Cooper added. “I’ve got people lined up to return in a few months. It’s really give and take where they stand, but I think Call Her Daddy now expects, “Let’s keep it real.”

Furthermore, the host claims to be one of Spotify’s most streamed podcasts in 2022 (second only to Joe Rogan), which she attributes to her devoted fan base—”since day one, just the Daddy Gang has been with her,” she explained. “I have to please my guests while also respecting them.”

Cooper co-created Call Her Daddy with then-roommate Sofia Franklyn in 2018, and the show was picked up by the bro-centric Barstool Sports within a month, as Cooper wrote in an introductory post for the site. It’s a perfect fit for her “uncensored, real, women’s locker room talk,” as she describes it in the post.

Call Her Daddy has surpassed 12 million downloads in just two months. Spotify recognised the show’s massive fan base and paid $60 million for it in the summer of 2021 to expand its inventory of exclusive content. (Franklin left the show in 2020 due to a pay dispute.)

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