Halo Infinite’s memed-on Brute Craig will get a rock & roll easter egg

When Halo Infinite’s marketing campaign trailer debuted final yr, one explicit blank-faced Brute turned the main focus of mockery as folks roasted Infinite’s graphics. Someway the nickname Craig caught, and 343 Industries embraced the meme, finally exhibiting off all of the added element (and added beards) they gave to Brutes during the last yr. The clean-shaven expressionless Craig could also be gone, however an easter egg found in Infinite’s marketing campaign immortalizes him for future generations. 

Youtuber Mint Blitz found the key manner up on high of a tower in Halo Infinite’s open world. If you can also make it to the roof with some precision grappling, you may discover what appears to be like like a makeshift live performance stage, together with a poster for the “Craig Zeta Halo Tour 2560.” It appears to be like like Craig’s stop the Spartan-fighting life to turn into a rockstar, and he is actually getting across the ring. Every of the places listed on the poster are precise locations you may go to within the open world.