A recent episode of the podcast Broad Ideas, hosted by Rachel Bilson, featured Heidi Montag discussing her extensive plastic surgery. The Laguna Beach star acknowledges that she began her journey with a free beauty service. I thought, “Great, one hundred dollars for free plastic surgery?” Great!’ “However, I should pause and consider it, because when [the doctor] told me about it, it seemed insignificant,” Montag said. He claimed he was misled about the process’s intensity. Unfortunately, the 16-hour, multi-part, invasive procedure was anything but simple, necessitating a total of 10 procedures per day.

“I nearly died, and they gave me too much Demerol [an opioid painkiller], after which they informed Spencer that I was dead, and he began to fall.” Then they brought me back, and I was fine. This is how I feel following a near-death experience… I am so delicate and frail. I required considerable time to recover. And I should return to work and filming, considering that my family is upset, etc. “Therefore, the most challenging aspect of my career and mental health was that I lost focus,” she said.

The promise of a free full-body makeover seemed too good to be true for the then-23-year-old woman, who had admittedly desired breast implants since childhood. “I always desired to grow up with implants.” because my grandmother had enormous breasts. “I’ve always desired implants,” she explained. However, looming insecurities and a zealous surgeon made her receptive to additional procedures.

“I was constantly made fun of because of my nose.” Then, at an event, a plastic surgeon approached me and said, “Oh, I can do it for free; do you want a nose or breasts?” or something else? Alternatively, he sent me a representative who worked for the tabloids. I responded, “Of course I recall.”

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The surgeon’s proposal would soon alter the life of the reality star. “Had that not occurred, I would have never obtained anything.” It was as if I hadn’t viewed the offers or looked for them. “I actually had a lot of confidence in who I was, despite always wanting that or thinking it was of no consequence,” she said. Nonetheless, during the initial consultation, Heidi became aware of a number of “defects” that the surgeon suggested she correct, many of which she had not even noticed.

“He responded, ‘All right, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do,'” I responded, “Yes, what are your plans?” Is there anything else that happens when we are depressed? He remarked, “That, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, and that?” She stated, “When I walked away, I thought, Oh my God, I had no idea I had so many problems.” Montag’s surgery has been the subject of numerous tabloid articles, primarily due to the sheer volume of work they’ve had to complete.


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