Here Is How to Get the Most Out of a Trucking Load Board

Online shipping load boards are popular venues for truckers looking to find jobs and have seen an especially large amount of custom from owner-operators looking to ensure that they never drive with their trailers empty. These online load boards are essentially digital versions of the notices that used to be posted up in truck stops and warehouses in days gone by. Shipping contractors and brokers post available jobs on the board, and these jobs can then be accepted by owner-operators looking to find work in the area. If you are an owner-operator that wants to find delivery jobs using a load board, then you need to play the game rather shrewdly. Here are some tips for effectively using truck load boards to find work. Continue reading to learn more.

Check Supply and Demand Levels 

The best modern load boards allow truckers to monitor the number of shipping jobs in any given area in comparison to the number of truckers looking for shipping work in that same area. This allows you to figure out the relationship between supply and demand. Knowing whether demand outstrips supply can influence how effectively you negotiate payment and lets you know how likely it will be that you will get a return load after delivering to the area. If there are not enough trucks in an area to carry the goods that need to be shipped, then you can demand high prices. 

Complete Your Profile 

Many load boards will allow truckers to create company profiles. Parties offering work to owner-operators using the load board may choose to visit the profile of prospective delivery professionals to get a good idea of their capabilities and business practices. If you don’t fully complete your company profile, then prospective employees might view you as a bit of an unknown quantity and pass you by in favor of a truck driver that they know more about. 

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Post Your Truck 

Load boards are not just useful for truckers looking to find a load to carry. Load offering companies regularly search for truckers on load boards and offer them jobs without ever posting them publicly. Make sure to post your truck, location, and availability onto the load board of your choice so that prospective employers can find you and offer you work. 

If you happen to be the driver of a specialist vehicle, then you will find that you receive most of your work through businesses coming to you, as opposed to the other way around. Wide-load flatbed, car carrier, and mixer operators should certainly post their vehicles. 


It pays to plan your work well in advance. The sooner you know you’ll be free to carry a load from a certain area, the sooner you can start applying for work in that area. Your clients will be looking to fill distribution gaps as soon as they can, and will appreciate truckers that have the forethought to plan work out in advance.


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