I have a split tongue and can taste two different foods at one time

I’ve a break up tongue and may style two completely different meals at one time

A viral physique modifier by no means has to decide on between Coke or Pepsi.

Brianna Mary Shihadeh, generally known as @flowerfriendly on TikTok, is a dreadlock artist from California who surgically break up her tongue.

The southern Californian recently stunned her 1.7 million followers when she positioned cans of the dueling fizzes in entrance of her — after which dipped each side of her tongue into the completely different drinks.

Shihadeh puzzled if she may inform the distinction between the sodas, soaking her tongue for good measure.

“It’s so related. They actually style the identical,” she concluded.

“Just as a facet notice, I seen extra fizz on one facet; it appeared just like the Pepsi had extra carbonation regardless that I opened it first,” she clarified within the feedback.

The experiment has over 293,000 views.

Commenters went loopy for the content material and instructed what Shihadeh ought to take a look at out subsequent.

Story from Jam Press (Split Tongue Flavours)
Brianna Mary Shihadeh determined she couldn’t inform the distinction between the drinks.
Jam Press Vid/@flowerfriendly

“A can of sprite and a McDonald’s sprite,” a consumer supplied, whereas one instructed, “Milk and orange juice.”

“Mouthwash and orange juice,” one other joked.

She reportedly additionally did a salty versus candy style take a look at — with one glass containing sugar water and the opposite saltwater, which she stated left her mind feeling confused. She was additionally “blown away” tasting soda and water on the identical time.

Brianna Mary Shihadeh
Shihadeh has loads of piercings and tattoos and completes her personal dreadlocks.
Jam Press/@flowerfriendly

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