Iggy Azalea will release a year-long multimedia project entitled “Hotter Than Hell” in 2018. The rapper is a member of OnlyF, a social networking website that provides its members with exclusive content, including poems, music, videos, and even nude photos.

The summer will see the release of a new album by Azaela. She released her first creative work in over two years when she collaborated with OnlyF, an Australian fansite. The $25 monthly fee for Azaela’s subscription service, accessible at onlyfans.com/iggyazalea, is They will have early access to “Hotter Than Hell” content that will expire in December 2023. In addition, purchasers of the hardcover book by Azaela can obtain a special edition containing exclusive material.

Only F allowed Azalea to avoid self-censorship in the face of overwhelming creative restriction. When she first joined the site two years ago, she made this statement.

She never expected to collaborate with OnlyF on her most ambitious project to date. She also shared the following statement with Variety: “When I looked past the chatter surrounding what it means to have an OnlyF account, I realised that it was the ideal platform for launching a multimedia concept.” As an artist exploring new creative avenues, I am excited to share my work in collaboration with a bold and innovative company. My collaborators and I believe that people will be surprised by the audacious nature of this undertaking.

The intention of Azalea’s “Hotter Than Hell” album is for it to be “unapologetically hot.” It intends to utilise photographers and producers from a well-known brand in a creative manner. In addition to being influenced by ’90s supermodels Pamela Anderson and the Centerfold model, the project also incorporates Madonna’s Sex Book and male and female perspectives on sexuality.

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