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Ilaria Rimoldi leaked onlyf on reddit and twitter videos

A worker at a theme park says she was “fired” because her boss “found out” about her dirty part-time job online.

Ilaria Rimoldi, age 25, claims that she was summoned to Gardaland Park in Italy earlier this year after her supervisors discovered raunchy images of her on OnlyF. Local media say that Ilaria started her OnlyF page about a year ago because her monthly pay of £870 from the amusement park wasn’t enough for her to live on.

In November, however, she earned five times more thanks to her adult content online. The model stated, “I don’t post naked pictures, only lingerie photos.” A monthly subscription to my channel costs $10.

“The first month I made €600, but as my following grew, I made €5,000 (£4,300) in November.” Initially, Ilaria was able to conceal her “second job,” but word eventually spread.

“Some visitors accidentally recognized me. This summer, the amusement park director and head of human resources contacted me,” she explained. “They informed me that this is a family facility and that my photos on OnlyFans were inconsistent with the image the amusement park was attempting to project to the outside world.”

“I responded that they can’t stop me from doing what I want in my spare time, but if they want, they can increase my salary so I can earn as much as my second job guarantees.” The funds. Hilaria reported that she was not terminated, but her hours were soon cut in half.

However, the model continued to work at the park until the end of November, when her temporary contract expired.

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Now Ilaria is completely devoted to her online work for OnlyF.

Gardaland responded to the claim that she was fired because she posted photos online by saying that their policy was made clear to all employees.

“As part of company policy, employees are told not to use any Gardaland logo or image in a way that goes against the theme park’s goal of being a family-friendly place,” says a statement.


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