An alleged audio clip of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan having “phone sex” with two unidentified women went viral on social media on Monday (December 19).

The aforementioned clips were first uploaded to YouTube by a Pakistani journalist named Syed Ali Haider. Imran Khan was allegedly heard talking about the woman’s “pleasure points” and his “penetration skills” in the alleged audio clips.

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to meet you. My boobs are in excruciating pain. I’m not even sure I can tell the doctor what you did to me. “Naughty,” an unidentified woman was heard saying, as Imran Khan allegedly harassed her to meet him again.

“Can we meet tomorrow?” My family, including my children, will be arriving the following day. “Let me try to put these plans on hold,” the PTI chief allegedly said.

The ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan was supposedly heard telling another woman to “touch herself” and asking if her v*gina was wet.

“Should I lick it first before putting it in directly?” an inquisitive Khan was said to have asked. “Are you able to take it in directly?” Should I go slowly or quickly? “Remember, I hump like a camel from the back,” he said after the woman told him she preferred it “slow.”

“You’ll have a better time.” Every point of pleasure will be addressed. “I’ll explain the procedure,” the ex-Pakistani Prime Minister allegedly said. “Did you stick your fingers in your pussy?” I’m hoping it doesn’t swell… “You’ll get wetter,” he added.

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The audio clips are now widely circulated on other social media platforms. While some internet users have questioned the authenticity of the audio clips, others have condemned Imran Khan’s behavior.

“Khan Saheb can do whatever he wants in his personal life,” journalist Hamza Azhar Salam tweeted, “but I hope he will stop presenting himself as some kind of role model Muslim leader for the entire Ummah.”

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