We don’t necessarily notice amusement park employees unless something goes wrong. Nonetheless, when this occurs, we rely on them to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, a worker at an Italian amusement park lost her job due to OnlyF, as she was constantly observed by guests.

Ilaria Rimoldi, 25, was a former employee of the Gardaland resort in Verona, Italy, earning 1,000 euros per month. She opened an OnlyF account and was able to gain a small number of followers, resulting in a substantial increase in her income. Her popularity skyrocketed after she joined TikTok, and she now has nearly 280,000 followers.

Even though she told Corriere Della Sera (via Rare) that most people know her from TikTok and not OnlyF, the information was sent to their bosses in Gardaland because of her social media popularity.

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Except for the fact that Rimoldi admitted she made a sexy video of herself in a Gardaland uniform at the request of one of her OnlyF subscribers, this might not be a major issue. This may have ultimately resulted in her being asked to meet with management.

Gardaland is one of Europe’s most popular theme parks and where the first rides based on the movie Jumanji were made. Merlin, a company that runs many Legoland parks around the world, owns and runs the park. Because of this, the company must keep up an image of being family-friendly. The pressure she felt while making the video in overalls didn’t fit with the resort’s reputation as a place where families can have fun.

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