Jbizz (@jbizz177) is a TikTok star who posts sarcastic gangster content. He frequently posts images of ambulances and claims the FBI is after him. He was a comedian posing as a street waiter on TikTok and was recently slapped by some people. He now has over 350,000 followers and claims that his previous four accounts were banned.

Many people in the UK backed him up, and the full name and location of the suspect in the Jbizz attack were revealed. The video “Return, Revenge, or Fight” by Jbizz went viral on Twitter after it was leaked on Snapchat.

Jbizz Revenge Return Video

A user named @staylowtpl posted a video on Twitter criticising Jbizz. A boy says in the video, “Do you think you can beat us all?” while punching Jbizz in the face.

They also robbed Jbizz, stole his phone, and demanded the password. On Twitter, the video has received over 300,000 views and over 200 comments. The video then cuts to a clip of a mob lunging at someone, though it’s unclear whether Jbizz was the one attacked.

Jbizz went on TikTok Live after the incident to tell his story. “Four black people, not racists, approached me, spat in my face, and hit me.” “I’m changing my content now because people think I’m a criminal, but I’m not talking about this life.”

“I don’t care what you say—there are four of them, so even if they’re young, they look sixteen.” Yes. This is simply not possible. Everyone should be aware of this. “However, you will not hear the song, “Mom, I’m a criminal,” because I am not a criminal.”

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“It’s not over for me, but I’m still going to do TikTok.” For the first time, I realised, “I want to stop, and I should stop doing these things.” “But if I stop now, I’ll dirty you guys. You’re all real people. Look at everyone who gave gifts.” “You are all legends, and I will not give up on you. I will return stronger.” Over 32,000 people were broadcast live at the same time. More than 750,000 people watched and retweeted it.


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