Theresa’s husband, Jerry Russo, is the father of Justin, Alex, and Max. Born a wizard and possessing magical abilities since childhood, he won family wizarding competitions but gave them to his brother Kelbo Russo so that he could marry the mortal Theresa. Jerry instructed his children in the proper use of magic. He co-owns and operates Waverly Sub Station with his wife.

Jerry Russo was a typical father. He is stern, protective, and frequently resentful toward his children. Although he has no authority, his children inherit it. As a backup plan, he reportedly desired to become a bull rider. On Waverly Place, a street in midtown Manhattan, Jerry and his family lived above the restaurant that they owned. In certain episodes, he is notorious for calling Theresa “old.”

Jerry, who is proud of his magical heritage, teaches his children new spells and the proper use of magic every Tuesday and Thursday during his wizarding classes. But his children often broke the magical rules he set for them, so he had to punish them.

In the episode “Alex in the Middle,” Jerry is the true winner of the family wizarding competition. Since wizards cannot marry non-wizards, he gives Kerber his powers so that he can marry Teresa.

Meghan is angry with him for giving his powers to Kerber rather than her, but he explains that Kerber needs her more than she does; he adds that while they can survive without magic, Kerber cannot. Jerry added that he once attempted to impress a girl with magic, similar to Wizards of Waverly: The Movie, but it “didn’t work out” because he ended up marrying her.

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