Rachel Mee, an OnlyF model from Newcastle, passed away tragically just days before her baby’s first Christmas.

Rachel passed away on December 18, leaving behind her son Kiro, whom she cherished “with all my heart.”

She described 2022 as “the most difficult year possible” and revealed that she has “experienced heartbreak.”

Claire continued, “Unfortunately, Rachel has succumbed to the world’s pressures.” All of us are devastated by the news that the world has failed such a beautiful young girl. And she thinks I have no choice but to leave.”

Returning from months of house arrest, the OnlyF star criticizes “fat trolls.”
She launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for the future of the children.

The cause of Rachel’s death is still unknown, but fans and friends have paid tribute online.

Before Kyro was born in February, the Instagram star with approximately 40,000 followers said she was having a difficult time coping with her mother’s death.


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