One year has passed since the premiere of WandaVision on Disney Plus. The memorable Marvel series has been nominated for and won multiple awards and nominations since its debut, including three Primetime Emmys. Kat Dennings shared a photo from behind the scenes of one of her most memorable days on set to commemorate the show’s anniversary and achievements.

Dennings has previously appeared in the Thor films alongside Natalie Portman and Stellan Skarsgard, so WandaVision is not her first appearance in an MCU production. Dennings has often made people laugh as Darcy Lewis, and in a show like WandaVision that is modelled after a sitcom, she fits right in, even when the camera isn’t rolling.

Dennings utilised social media to commemorate WandaVision’s one-year anniversary. Dennings shared a photo from her time on WandaVision in which she can be seen wearing a portion of Darcy Lewis’ costume from the seventh episode, “Breaking the Fourth Wall.” Dennings felt compelled to share with WandaVision fans the fact that one of her Spanx legs had a noticeable tear in it. She captioned the photo, “I’m breaking my spanx on my first day in my circus outfit in honour of @wandavision’s first anniversary.”

Vision began to discover the truth about Westview at the conclusion of the sixth episode of WandaVision, titled “All-New Halloween Spectacular.” As he attempted to traverse the hex, he began to disintegrate, and his son, Billy, felt his pain and reported the near-tragic event to his mother. Wanda seized control of the situation by moving the hex’s barrier through the S.W.O.R.D. camp stationed outside the hex and encircling them in Westview. Among those engulfed by the hex was Darcy, who was handcuffed to one of the S.W.O.R.D. vehicles after requesting assistance for Vision.

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In the episode “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” Vision discovers Darcy bound in chains as a result of the new Hex barrier. Darcy informs Vision, while under the influence of Wanda, that she is an escape artist, which fits her character within Wanda’s worldview after Vision releases her from Wanda’s control. The two embark on a journey back to Wanda and Vision’s residence, but encounter a humorous roadblock at every turn. Darcy has not been seen in the MCU since Thor: The Dark World in 2013. Darcy’s adventures with Vision revitalise the character.

With Westview’s Vision now deceased, the other Vision off the grid, and Wanda isolating herself from humanity, it is uncertain when Darcy will next appear in the MCU. Given her relationship with Monica and Jimmy, it is possible that she will be observed with them. Monica and Darcy may appear in the upcoming Disney Plus series Ms. Marvel prior to their roles in The Marvels. If not, Darcy will probably show up anywhere that needs a smart scientist with great comic timing.


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