The video, which allegedly contains lewd scenes of a woman dressed in a green kebaya, has gone viral on social media. The police stated they would investigate the dissemination of the video.

It is believed that the video in circulation is 8 minutes and 30 seconds long. In a “green kebaya” video, a woman in a green dress performs an obscene scene at the direction of a male figure.

Exciting Green Kebaya Internet Video and Porn Obsessions Cause Erectile Dysfunction
Dedi Prasetyo, the head of the Indonesian National Police’s Kadiv Public Relations Department, said that the video would be looked into by Dittipidsaber Bareskrim Polri.

“Yes, the CID will investigate first,” Dedi confirmed Thursday when asked for confirmation (Dec. 22, 2022).

Dedi did not elaborate on the video’s popularity. The National Police will investigate the internet dissemination of the video, he said.

He stated that the first is the deep web.

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