Some words and phrases have dual meanings in the corruption scandal that this country is experiencing. Terms such as “little brother” and “ten green” acquired new significance.

Because of this, some people on social networks have asked the Royal Academy, which is the highest institution for the Spanish language, for help with grammatical questions.

A Twitter user posed this question to RAE about the correct spelling of “Mrs. K,” a mysterious figure mentioned in the book Deeply entrenched in power at the top who is responsible for the entire web of corruption.

“Hi @RAEinforma. “Should I capitalize the’s’ and ‘k’ or just the ‘k’ for Keiko if I use’mrs. K’ as a pseudonym for Korina, Kristen, or Keiko?” asked a user of one of your accounts.

The RAE issued a response on Friday. “The #RAEconsultas noun “ma’am” is a common name, and even though it is a respectful title, it is lowercased” (on the other hand, the abbreviation for treatment remains traditionally capitalized). The nickname «K» (for Keiko) must be capitalized: «Mrs. K»; «Mrs. K».

Some were surprised by the announcement, as the RAE chose the name “Keiko” to represent its response.

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