Ken Block death video mustang leaked on reddit and twitter

Ken Block, an American rally driver, died in a snowmobile accident in Park City, Utah, on January 2 at age 55. Ken was a pioneer, innovator, and icon. first and foremost, a husband and father. “We will greatly miss him,” his team, The Hoonigans Racing, wrote on his Instagram account.

The American gained fame for his spectacular gymkhana driving demonstrations. Bullock’s driving prowess was displayed in a manner that was almost cinematic. A few months ago, the current Audi driver, with whom he was recently signed, performed an electric car demonstration that was viewed nearly 6 million times on the streets of Las Vegas.

Although his sporting career was unsuccessful (he competed in the WRC and another World Rally event), he was a pioneer in the media industry, particularly on YouTube. On his team channel, Hoonigan, he has more than 5 million subscribers, and on his personal channel, he has nearly 2 million.

He is one of the most famous rally drivers, but he also loves to skateboard, ride motocross, and snowboard.

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How did Ken Block get injured?

According to the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office, Bullock lost control and rolled over while riding his snowmobile down an incline.

On January 2, around 2 p.m. (local time) after the accident, the 911 emergency call centre received his call. Police uniforms and Utah Department of Parks and Forestry personnel rushed to the scene, but they were unable to save his life.

He was declared dead at the scene due to his injuries. “Mr. Bullock was with a group but was alone at the time of the accident,” they explained.

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In a statement, the authorities said, “We are very sad to hear about Kenneth’s death, and our hearts go out to his close family and friends.”


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