Despite Kerryn Feehan’s recent criticism of the television programme My Big Fat Fabulous Life, the show’s star, Whitney Way Thore, did not let her off the hook.

Feehan, a guest star on Thore’s radio show on Wednesday’s episode, offended him with her statements. This prompted Thore to rush into the studio, where Feehan was defending himself on camera. He stated, “I do not appreciate people making assumptions about my health or weight.” “Why should I even care?”

The host, Chelsea Feehan, felt depressed about other obese people. She admitted it by stating, “I feel sorry for Whitney because I feel sorry for my overweight friends.”

Thore responded with a confused “What?”

Fiehan informed Thore that the vicious and irritable Yorkies are irritable and grumpy.

The reality TV star stated that she avoided the outside world in the past due to how her peers treated her. She stayed in her apartment and ate pizza rather than leave to interact with others.

The article in People magazine that Thore references discusses her interactions with the public. In it, she objects to people identifying themselves as concerned when they verbally assault her. She argues that fat-shaming individuals in disguise demonstrates that their motives are not sincere. Thore states that she will not tolerate any form of fatphobia and refuses to accept a narrative of her worthlessness.


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