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As Joe said yesterday, Screencaps will go to SeanJo therapy for a few days this week to get a new outlook on life and celebrate Mrs. Screencaps’ birthday.

The king of pageviews is deserving of a break. Last time, we were asked to pass it, and we will do so again.

The Eagles are unbeaten, and their fans are GM F-bombs.
Howie Rothman was greeting fans in Houston when he encountered a fan holding a sign that read “Howie, you’re sorry” with Whiteside, Aglor, and Ray Gore’s names crossed out and replaced with AJ Brown’s name.

Roseman reacted to the sign as an Eagles supporter. He said to the fans, “Wait a second.” Can I forgive you for watching your first Super Bowl? Fu0k you! Let’s go fuck! Let’s go!”

They say that victory heals all wounds. This video appears to demonstrate it. This fan criticises the general manager of his team. GM had to say something to the critics that he truly wanted to say. After everything had been said and done, they laughed together.

Will there be a Game 7 in this year’s World Series? This must be the emotion. Manuel projects seven points for the Phillies. This weekend in Houston, the champion will be crowned, and we will see if the Cinderella story continues.

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